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Exchange cryptocurrency

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Exchanging crypto is as easy as ABC.
Just follow these simple steps:

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Step 1

Protected transactions

Our platform uses a super-efficient multi-layered security protocol that provides our client’s transactions with the highest protection standard. Make a cryptocurrency exchange quickly and safely.

Step 2

Pass the verification

Next, you need to pass the verification. Verification differs depending on the amount of the transaction. You can find our terms and verification requirements on the Instructions page.

Step 3

Link your wallet to Coinsdrom

We don’t store any crypto or fiat currencies. To buy cryptocurrency, you must have a wallet to store it in. We recommend (but do not insist) opening wallets on the official website of Bitcoin or Ethereum to open up your designated virtual wallet, or you can get a multi-function e-wallet that can store different cryptocurrencies. If you already have an e-wallet, link it to your Coinsdrom account.

Step 4

Choose the crypto

Next, choose the crypto and how much you want to buy or sell. It could be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and USDT.

Step 4

Wait for the transaction to be approved

Don’t worry! It might take a while.

#NamePriceChanges 24H Volume 24HAvailable Supply

How to pass
the verification

KYC documents shall be submitted to the compliance email address from the customer’s email or uploaded to their account.
Compliance can accept only clear documents in colour (pictures or scans of the original document).

The following documents cannot be accepted:

Fake, stolen, altered ID Blurred copy, cropped, overexposed Expired, or copy of the copy
The POA is accepted in the form of a copy or a black-and-white copy.
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