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Why do we need KYC documents?

As a regulated financial institution, Coinsdrom is committed to the highest security, AML measures, and “Know Your Customer” procedures. This also helps us protect your account, fight fraud, criminal activity, and more.

Coinsdrom requests every user to provide a set of
documents according to the following levels.

KYC documentation required

There are three levels of users, and the documentation depends on the amount they
operate. The documents are general, but our Compliance Department could request
additional documents depending on the case.


Orders between
€200 - €5000

Proof of Identity Selfie Liveness verification


Orders between
€5001 - €75000

All documents from level 1 Proof of Address Form 501 (Cryptocurrency Purchase Confirmation)


Orders between
€75001 - and up

All documents from levels 1, 2 Form 502 (Advanced Limits Application) Source of Funds evidence Video Call verification

Proof of Identity

What is it?

As Proof of Identity, we request a government-issued document that certifies the persons identity.

Type of document

Passport National Identity Card Driver’s Licence Resident Permit (with an ID of the country of origin) Temporary Permits if the documents are recognised as an official ID


The document should be valid and not expired.


The document must have the full name, both sides, colour copy.

Approval requirements for all documents

The document should be a colour scan or photo The document should be full size Both sides

Proof of Address

What is it?

As Proof of Address, we request an officially issued document that certifies the person’s current residence.

Type of document

Electricity Bill Municipality Water Service Telephone (landline) Internet Service Credit Card Statement Bank Statement Tax Declarations Lease Agreement Mortgage Statement Insurance Agreement or letter (if the object is the residential premises of the person)


No older than three months from the date of registration.


The document must have the full name, address (no P.O. Box), and issue date.

Approval requirements for all documents

The document should be a colour scan or photo The document should be full size Both sides All details should match the account

What about the forms?

The following forms are sent to the customer’s email
for e-signature. The forms require minimum actions
from the customer.  

Form 501

(Cryptocurrency Purchase Confirmation)

Form 502

(Advanced Limits Application)

Alternatively, the forms can be signed:

Printed and hand signed
Scanned or pictured and returned to the Compliance email address from the customer’s email

How to send the documents?

There are two simple and easy ways to upload documents:


The customer must submit the documents from their account using the upload documents option.


Email to our Compliance Team: [email protected]

So, to conclude:

KYC documents shall be submitted to the compliance email address from the customer’s email or uploaded to their account.
Compliance can accept only clear documents in colour (pictures or scans of the original document).

The following documents cannot be accepted:

Fake, stolen, altered ID Blurred copy, cropped, overexposed Expired, or copy of the copy
The POA is accepted in the form of a copy or a black-and-white copy.


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