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How Wozniak assesses Bitcoin

Alexander L. | December 11, 2023

Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin’s Endurance Hinged on “Pure Gold Mathematics”

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, emphasised his trust in Bitcoin, labelling it as having “pure gold mathematics.” Despite his enthusiasm for Bitcoin, Wozniak expressed scepticism regarding other cryptocurrencies and NFTs, highlighting potential risks for users.

Bitcoin’s Solid Foundation

Wozniak’s confidence in Bitcoin stems from its robust mathematical underpinnings. He equates its stability to gold, emphasising the importance of these calculations in safeguarding its value. While Wozniak didn’t delve into technical specifics, his endorsement aligns with Bitcoin’s reputation as a secure and enduring “store of value.”

“Bitcoin is the only digital gold that has this mathematical nature. It’s pure gold mathematics.” – Steve Wozniak.

Caution Amidst Crypto Diversity

While championing Bitcoin, Wozniak cautioned users exploring other cryptocurrencies and NFT projects. He expressed concerns about the motivations of project founders, suggesting the potential exploitation of early-stage users.

Unicorn: A Unique Perspective

Wozniak, a judge on the Unicorn Hunters TV show, showcased a more positive outlook on Unicorn, a cryptocurrency featured on the program. Unicorn aims to address volatility concerns and protect holders from inflation, presenting itself as an opportunity for broader participation in the startup world.

“Unicorn is not just words and talks; it’s real financial strategy,” said Steve Wozniak.

Despite his optimism for Unicorn, Wozniak refrained from explicitly comparing its underlying technology to that of Bitcoin. His involvement in the cryptocurrency space, coupled with his measured endorsement of specific projects, provides nuanced insights into the evolving crypto landscape.

Key Takeaways for Crypto Users

Wozniak’s perspective is a valuable guide for crypto users navigating the dynamic cryptocurrency market. Understanding the unique attributes and potential risks associated with different cryptocurrencies becomes increasingly crucial as the industry matures. Crypto users are encouraged to approach the market discerningly, considering the diverse landscape shaped by technological nuances and varying project intentions.


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